Friday, 24 March 2017

AutoX Uses A $50 Webcam To Drive Itself

Dozens of auto industries are recently testing their autonomous cars and getting ready to take over the world with their innovations.

However a team of world class research engineers have adopted a cheaper method of making cars drive themselves.
Professor X. Image credit: Business Insider.

Microsoft Unveils Plans To Dominate Autonomous Cars

Microsoft has unveiled its plan to dominate in autonomous car software with its recently deal with the highest selling car brand in the world, Toyota.
Image credit: Tech Crunch.

Popular Nollywood Actress Dies In Lagos

Popular Nollywood actress Veronica Njoku popularly known as Ramota is dead.
The late Ramota. Image credit: NgHubs.

Tesla Overtake GM Motors In Electric Car Race

Tesla has been said to be taking over from General Motors in the quest for electric cars recently.

According to an article by Arne Alsin on Forbes magazine last week, "Why General Motors May Have Already Lost To Tesla" Alain compared both cars in a racing format.
Image credit: Green Car Report.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Breaking News: Residents Of Victory Park Estate Faces Off Against Their Sacked Estate Managers

Residents of Victory Park Estate located behind Femi Okunu Estate, Jakande Roundabout, Lekki, Lagos are having a showdown right now with their former facilities managers.
Residents demonstrating and blocking access with their cars.

Toyota To Build A Private Race Track In Texas

Toyota has revealed its plan of building a racetrack in Texas just by its Tudor-style chateau.

According to Dallas news, the race track which is located at Argyle, Texas, which lies just north of Ft. Worth, is already under construction and is said to cover 75-acre ranch.
A race track. Image credit: Jalopnik.

See How Much Porsche Make for Every Car

It's no news that auto manufacturers make awesome profits in luxury cars. However, sports cars are not left out in the huge profit.
A Porsche. Image credit: Autoweek.

How To Remove Odour From Your Car Interior

Sometimes when you enter your car, you perceive a foul smell within the car. The foul smell could be as a result of  degrading organic materials like milk spills, vomits, mild dew or mould etc. Despite cleaning up your car the odour seem to persist. Below are ways to remove odour from your cars.
Image credit: Car Wow.

Kiss Daniels Reveals The Kind Of Woman He Likes

G World Wide music Act Kiss Daniels has revealed the kind of women he wants in his recent interview.

According to Kiss Daniels in his interview with Punch, he said he loves women who twerk but however when it comes to marriage he will prefer intelligent women.
Kiss Daniel. Image credit: Daily Post.

List Of FRSC Accredited Driving Schools In Enugu

There are hundreds of driving school in Enugu but unfortunately only a few of them are accredited by the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC). If you reside in Enugu metropolis and you are looking for a driving school to learn how to drive, below are the list of accredited driving schools in Enugu.